Running Through the Heart of New York

By Michele Berardi
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In the city that never sleeps, I found my rhythm on the pavement, my footsteps echoing through the boroughs

Running Through the Heart of New York: My Journey from 5Ks to Ultramarathons

In the city that never sleeps, I found my rhythm on the pavement, my footsteps echoing through the boroughs, from the quiet streets of Staten Island to the bustling avenues of Manhattan. Each race, regardless of its distance, was a chapter in my evolving story as a runner in New York City.

The Early Miles: Small Races and the Spirit of Community

My journey began with the smaller races, the local 5Ks and community runs that dot the NYC running calendar. These events, brimming with camaraderie and local charm, were where I learned the value of every step and the strength in every breath. They taught me persistence, and with each finish line crossed, my ambition grew.

Stepping Up: The Half Marathons

As my confidence soared, so did my aspirations. Half marathons became my new frontier, each 13.1-mile course a test of endurance and a chance to push my limits further. These races, set against the backdrop of New York's iconic landmarks, were not just about the distance; they were about discovering my own potential amidst the diversity and dynamism of the city.

The Ultimate Challenge: Marathons and Beyond

The TCS New York City Marathon was a dream turned reality, a 26.2-mile journey through the five boroughs that was as much a personal pilgrimage as it was a physical challenge. Crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, running through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and finally Manhattan, each mile was a testament to the months of training, determination, and the unwavering support of the spectators cheering us on. It was here, amidst the exhilaration and exhaustion, that I truly understood the transformative power of the marathon.

But the road didn't end at 26.2 miles. The call of ultramarathons beckoned, pushing me into the realm of distances beyond what I once thought possible. These races, each a unique journey through some of New York's most beautiful trails and terrains, were about more than just running; they were about resilience, mental strength, and the relentless pursuit of what lies beyond our perceived limits.

Lessons Learned on the Run

From the small races to the sprawling marathons and the daunting ultramarathons, my running journey in New York has been an adventure of self-discovery and growth. It has taught me the importance of community, the strength that comes from support, and the incredible resilience of the human spirit. With each race, I've not only traversed miles but also forged unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Below all my 89 races

Event NameEvent DateDistanceFinish TimePaceOverall PlaceGender Place
TCS New York City Marathon 201903-Nov-19Marathon3:25:167:5049954213
TCS New York City Marathon 201804-Nov-18Marathon7:05:4816:155181930220
2018 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M)28-Oct-185 miles0:43:468:4617401236
2018 NYRR Retro 4-Miler14-Jul-184 miles0:53:1313:1945142212
2018 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M)24-Jun-184 miles0:36:099:0321101492
2018 Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run (5M)23-Jun-185 miles0:46:209:1622701518
2018 Italy Run by Ferrero (5M)03-Jun-185 miles1:25:1117:0379494054
2018 Japan Run (4M)13-May-184 miles1:06:3916:4049812604
2018 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase22-Apr-184 miles1:10:5617:4477964031
2018 Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe (4M)08-Apr-184 miles0:55:0813:4745132434
TCS New York City Marathon 201705-Nov-17Marathon4:44:3710:523040320137
2017 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M)29-Oct-175 miles1:23:4616:4641312092
2017 NYRR Grete's Great Gallop (10K)01-Oct-1710 km1:22:5913:2260813085
2017 Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run (5M)24-Jun-175 miles1:21:1316:1535951853
2017 Japan Run (4M)14-May-174 miles0:56:3714:1047262574
2017 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase23-Apr-174 miles0:38:289:3749983232
2017 Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe (4M)01-Apr-174 miles0:56:3514:0945602431
2017 United Airlines NYC Half19-Mar-17Half-Marathon2:12:0310:05121567053
2017 NYRR Gridiron 4M05-Feb-174 miles0:31:347:541172930
TCS New York City Marathon 201606-Nov-16Marathon4:34:0010:272660118107
2016 New Balance Bronx 10-Mile25-Sep-1610 miles2:06:2312:39110485821
2016 NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K18-Jun-1610 km1:12:2611:4083344760
Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon 201621-May-16Half-Marathon2:56:1813:272642712510
2016 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase24-Apr-164 miles0:43:0410:4664863721
2016 City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4M)10-Apr-164 miles0:45:5011:2860443245
United Airlines NYC Half 201620-Mar-16Half-Marathon2:34:3611:48176808921
2016 Gridiron 4M07-Feb-164 miles0:55:2413:5151452672
2016 NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K09-Jan-1610 km1:35:0315:1852002788
2015 Race to Deliver22-Nov-154 miles0:35:408:5519901305
2015 NYRR 60K14-Nov-1560 km8:37:5813:54328236
TCS New York City Marathon 201501-Nov-15Marathon5:16:4412:053857423966
2015 NYRR Five-Borough Series: Staten Island Half11-Oct-15Half-Marathon2:26:3711:1167614027
2015 NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K21-Jun-1510 km1:04:2510:2253933425
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K30-May-1510 km0:59:089:3137392660
Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon 201516-May-15Half-Marathon2:12:1710:06176779728
Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase26-Apr-154 miles0:41:0710:1760943602
United Airlines NYC Half 201515-Mar-15Half-Marathon2:35:4211:53173658729
NYRR Gridiron 4M01-Feb-154 miles0:42:0110:3138792179
TCS New York City Marathon 201402-Nov-14Marathon5:52:4713:284592428152
2014 NYRR 5-Borough Series:Staten Island Half12-Oct-14Half-Marathon2:34:0611:4685924800
2014 Bronx 10M28-Sep-1410 miles1:56:3611:4083354492
2014 Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe12-Jul-144 miles0:38:349:3933682098
2014 NYRR 5-Borough Series: Queens 10K22-Jun-1410 km1:05:0210:2864063779
Portugal Day 5M15-Jun-145 miles0:46:449:2131972462
Celebrate Israel Run01-Jun-144 miles0:40:0210:0137392278
Brooklyn Half Marathon 201417-May-14Half-Marathon2:21:2410:482071410626
Japan Day11-May-144 miles0:38:109:3331782066
2014 UAE Healthy Kidney 10K10-May-1410 km1:04:2410:2260973567
Run as One (4M)27-Apr-144 miles0:38:589:4552923222
NYC Half 201416-Mar-14Half-Marathon2:40:3712:16193819422
ING New York City Marathon 201303-Nov-13Marathon5:53:4913:304686029184
Staten Island Half-Marathon13-Oct-13Half-Marathon2:31:3611:3461523629
Bronx 10M29-Sep-1310 miles1:42:3410:1650603210
NYRR 5-Borough Series: Queens 10K21-Jul-1310 km1:05:4810:3650753233
2013 American Heart Association Wall Street Run30-May-133 miles0:26:308:5019621485
2013 Brooklyn Half Marathon18-May-13Half-Marathon2:13:4310:12162809300
Japan Day12-May-134 miles0:40:4210:1134322149
Run as One28-Apr-134 miles0:37:209:2039992625
Scotland Run06-Apr-1310 km1:02:009:5957573511
NYC Half 201317-Mar-13Half-Marathon2:37:4412:02135336648
Manhattan Half-Marathon27-Jan-13Half-Marathon1:31:156:58210200
Join the Voices02-Dec-125 miles0:52:5910:3634691798
Staten Island Half07-Oct-12Half-Marathon2:18:3610:3549482973
NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Presented by Nissan22-Sep-121 mile0:07:237:2333222291
Bronx 10-Mile09-Sep-1210 miles1:50:3611:0450332957
Run to Breathe21-Jul-1210 km1:09:4711:1441992295
Queens 10K01-Jul-1210 km1:09:0611:0842982649
New York Giants Run of Champions 5K24-Jun-125 km0:29:149:251323933
Portugal Day17-Jun-125 miles0:50:5810:1235042408
Celebrate Israel03-Jun-124 miles0:39:079:4734562163
Brooklyn Half-Marathon19-May-12Half-Marathon2:36:2611:56133606907
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K12-May-1210 km1:08:2911:0270253924
Run as One29-Apr-124 miles0:42:1410:3468513820
NYC Half 201218-Mar-12Half-Marathon2:37:1112:00143767216
NYRR Gridiron Classic05-Feb-124 miles0:51:2812:5258042969
NYRR Jingle Bell Jog 6K10-Dec-116 km0:40:3210:5344371969
NYRR Dash to the Finish Line (5K)05-Nov-115 km0:32:2310:2633421765
Staten Island Half Marathon09-Oct-11Half-Marathon2:47:5312:4951272921
Fitness Mind, Body, and Spirit-Men17-Sep-114 miles0:44:1911:0518441844
Central Park Conservancy Run for Central Park16-Jul-114 miles0:39:559:5938102314
Boomer's Run to Breath09-Jul-1110 km1:08:2511:0141872352
Front Runners New York Lesbian and Gay Pride Run (5M)25-Jun-115 miles0:51:4410:2135442033
Portugal Day19-Jun-115 miles0:51:0810:1436202530
NYRR Celebrate Israel Run05-Jun-114 miles0:41:2210:2039312378
AHA Start! Heart Run17-May-113 miles0:30:3110:1036612185
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K14-May-1110 km1:12:2311:4070283758
Japan Run 4M08-May-114 miles0:43:5310:5843432480
Scotland Run10-Apr-1110 km1:07:2610:5274974276
NYRR Gridiron 4M06-Feb-114 miles0:42:0910:3246112617

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