A Dive into the Past Rediscovering Myself Through a 2006 Newspaper Article

By Michele Berardi
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Graphic illustrating the Brooklyn Bridge, a symbol of New York City, where Michele Berardi moved in 2006 to pursue his dreams.

Dear readers,

Today, I want to take you back in time to 2006, a significant year that marked an important milestone in both my life and career. Recently, I stumbled upon an old newspaper article about a young Michele, a period of my life filled with dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

The article detailed my upbringing in Maccarese, a small gem where I grew up, running on the beach, playing soccer, and dreaming of grand adventures beyond the horizon. I can still hear the sound of the waves and feel the thrill of scoring goals under my grandfather's proud gaze. But it wasn’t just soccer that filled my days: there was a deep passion for electronics, which led me to become an electronic technician and later work in Rome, where I embarked each morning at 6:45 to face a day full of studies and work.

Michele Brooklyn Bridge
Michele Brooklyn Bridge

The article also recounted my gap year in London, nights spent working as a waiter and bartender, and days devoted to studying English and Unix. That experience shaped me, teaching me discipline and the importance of following one's passions.

A significant chapter was my time at Acotel, where I easily passed the interview due to the skills I had acquired. The article concluded with my move to New York, a dream realized, describing my impressions of the city that never sleeps and my life there.

Reading that article today makes me reflect on how important it is to remember where we come from to understand where we are going. Even though I miss Maccarese, Roma games, and morning coffees at Pippo’s, I am grateful for every step I have taken because each choice, each experience, has helped shape who I am today.

Sharing this article with you is not just a way to tell a part of my story but also an invitation to reflect on your personal journeys. Where were you in 2006? And how have those experiences shaped your life?

Thank you for reading and being part of this journey through time.

Stay Tuned

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