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By Michele Berardi
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What is this squawk code? Every airplane has a transponder, which sends a four-digit squawk code and the aircraft's altitude to air traffic control. The code should always be 1200 unless another code is assigned by ATC. However, in case of an emergency, squawk 7500 for hijacking, 7600 for communication failure, or 7700 for a general emergency.

When I receive one of these codes:

  • 7500 for Hijacking

  • 7600 for Voice Radio Failure

  • 7700 for Mayday or Emergency

  • I will post on my Twitter account and attach a map showing the current location of the airplane, along with all other relevant information."

Squawk Code
Squawk Code
In addition to the squawk code, I can also monitor any ICAO code, which is a unique identifier for airplanes worldwide. For example, in the screenshot below, I am monitoring the takeoffs and landings of Elon Musk's airplane.

Elon Musk's airplane has taken off

Squawk Code
Squawk Code
Elon Musk's airplane has landed
Squawk Code
Squawk Code


check out the repo for more details.

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